The Queen Bees of Comedy

The Queen Bees of Comedy


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About The Queen Bees of Comedy

Catherine Maloney seems like a typical hard working mom -- except this mom sees teachable moments in the show Snapped, has won the "Biggest Jerk" Comedy Contest and entertains clubs and colleges around the country with her sharp stand-up comedy. A New York native, Maloney finds sarcastic humor in everyday topics like financial struggles, raising children, relationships -- both hers and yours. Anyone in the crowd is fair game, and she enjoys interacting with each audience to create hilarious, unscripted moments along the way.

Aniria Turney: As the daughter of a Puerto Rican mom and a Salvadorian dad living in the South, Aniria lives the "Cultural Bermuda Triangle" daily! Having moved to Florida from El Salvador at the age of 6, the culture shock and the pleasing of three cultural expectations lingers in her witty observations. Because she started her passion for stand up and acting later in life, it quickly became therapy that helped her get through a divorce and juggling a new dating life with raising kids. She is known for her work on Naked, Chicago Med , The Kamasutra Garden, and for performing stand-up for many years.

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