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About Jim Choquette's "Cool Kids" of Comedy

Jim Choquette’s “Cool Kids” of Comedy with Rob Prus, Jennifer Hensleigh, William Sloan, Michael Murillo & Max Mosquito.

About Jim:

A self-confirmed know-it-all, a regretful sentence interrupter, and all around nice guy, Jim Choquette has been asking audiences, “Why?” (rhetorically) since 2004.

Whether the topic be love, sex, money, or himself (most likely, himself), Jim has a knack for making light, of some of the World’s darkest moments. Whether it be about his multiple arrests, long jail stint, or an irresponsible single mother of six changing her baby’s diaper in public, you’ll leave the show with little doubt - Jim is the People’s Champ (again, self-appointed). Sure this causes some rifts. But rest assured, you’ll be leaving entertained, informed, and ready to not take life so seriously.

Jim Choquette has appeared on MTV, MTV Europe, VH1, CMT, ABC (2013), and in the “Tony Hawk Pro Skater” video-game series. He’s also appeared as “That Guy in the Background #2” in multiple feature films and television series.

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