Averell Carter
Averell Carter
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About Averell Carter

One part clean, one part clever, and a dash of controversy. That's what you get when "Ave" takes the stage.

Averell wears his heart on his sleeve during his show. From his laid-back delivery when talking about his wife and kids, to his anger when speaking on the world we live in today, you're never left wondering how he REALLY felt. “No doubt about it”, Averell says, "you can tell when I'm talking about someone I love or something that ticks me off". That also eliminates the usual "Did that really happen?" question after the show. "The one compliment I seem to get a lot", the comic relates, "is that my act is real. When I do a bit about my wife and kids it's not a generic 'wife and kids' joke. I'm talking about MY wife and MY kids".

He's the same way when he gives his opinion on what's going on in the world today. Averell says, "I don't mind giving you my opinion on something but I also have to be mindful of the fact that, first and foremost, I'm a comedian. There's a fine line between being funny and being preachy. Personally I enjoy the challenge when I'm writing". That is also Ave's stance on profanity. "Being dirty is easy. I can say things onstage, be it sexual or angry or risqué, and still get my point across without offending people" he says. That makes him ideal for corporate work.

The only time you'll get Averell to brag about his accomplishments is when he tells you he's the highest finishing comedian in the history of the MasterCard American Collegiate Talent Search (ACTS). Even then he'll give a disclaimer, "The contest only lasted three years so unless someone brings it back I'll carry that to my grave".

Averell Carter wants you to know that when you put your hard-earned money down for that cover you will get your money's worth and enjoy a unique experience as well. He finishes with this, "The things I bring to the table are the experiences that make me unique. I like to think that when you leave one of my shows you'll leave with some insight as to who I am. When you tell your friends about the show you won't just say 'I saw him' you'll say 'I know him'".

P.S. Notice the lack of the words "hottest", "funniest", and "fastest rising". Averell would rather let the audiences decide that.