Married with Attitude featuring Kevin White & James Yon
Married with Attitude featuring Kevin White & James Yon
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About Married with Attitude featuring Kevin White & James Yon
James Yon, host of Viral Breakdown on the Dish Network, This Florida native is one of America's hottest up and coming comedians. Growing up in the south can be hard enough, but growing up in the South when you're half-black and half-Asian can be damn near impossible... or hilarious! Somehow James survived growing up on sweet and sour chitlins, with a senile Southern Baptist grandma, and the result is one amazing night of comedy. KEVIN WHITEThis Bostonian southerner describes himself as a wounded veteran of two disastrous marriages. It's no surprise. Raised on a strict regime of cartoons, comic books and afternoon movie marathons, Kevin's outlook on life and love have been professionally described as 'Somewhat troubled'. But it's his unique outlook that will have you feeling right at home. Kevin's loose grip on reality comes from his disjointed career as an actor.He has appeared in bit parts on HBO, a major role in the motion picture 'The Investigator', he's chatted with Manny, Moe and Jack in a 'Pep Boys' commercial and even sang the blues with Al Roker on NBC's 'The Today Show'. Kevin has that look of the guy you know from that thing. But, once you spend some time in his mind, you'll be reminded why so many women describe him as an 'Ex'!Must be 21 & up to enter.
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